You will be surprised at the ability of the dog

By | June 12, 2020

Just like humans, dogs also have 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But more specifically than humans, these senses work better and have many strange characteristics, serving a variety of purposes. If you are curious about what those strange points are, please refer to our article below!

1. Visual

– The dog’s ability to see at night is much better than humans because the dog’s retinal cells can focus both types of bright and dim daylight of the night. It is this feature that makes it possible for dogs to be active, hunt and see bad guys at night.

– Dog tears have strong oxidation and antiseptic ability, in dusty environment, just a little liquid is needed to clean their eyes.

– The viewing angle of the dog’s eyes is very wide, sometimes it is not necessary to turn the head but the dog can roll his eyes to the sides, observe carefully, help react quickly and keep secrets, minimize body movement.

– Dog eye is really a perfect camera to send images and be processed immediately in the visual area of ​​the cerebral hemisphere at an instant speed directing the body parts to perform in time the movements: tearing , running, barking or affectionate affection.

– Dog eyes have 3 eyelids, when they are not needed, only one eyelid will be blocked and still not affect the ability to see.

– Dogs can not distinguish colors like humans, only two colors: white and black (color blind). Means black, red, blue … just one!

2. Hearing

– The hearing ability of dogs is twice that of humans. The response after hearing is two and a half times faster than humans.

– Dogs can hear ultrasonic waves so people use ultrasonic horn to teach dogs.

– The ability to distinguish the sound of dogs is excellent, when heard several times, they can remember as printed and distinguish what the noise is.

3. Smell

– Can assess the ability to smell, smell of dogs is one of the most important senses of the 5 senses. Not only does the dog smell the differentiation of food, dogs also use their noses to smell for hunting prey or “mates.”

– No need to “taste”, just smell food, dogs can decide to eat or refuse to eat.

– Dogs with long nose tubes like cocker, GSD, Dachshund … ability to smell, smell better than other dogs.

– Some scents that are very pleasant for people: perfume, shampoo, alcohol … dogs hate and vice versa dogs love to smell … scary: stinking stool, corpses. But it is also helpful when people take advantage of this ability for disaster, earthquake and storm rescue operations.

4. Taste

– The senses are organically linked to the sense of smell and then decide to taste, lick food or cuddle with a partner or owner.

– It can identify food that it likes to eat daily. If you make changes, add or “trick” them with food of the same color, they will recognize it right away.

– The number of taste nerve cells in dog’s mucosa is less than 12 times that of humans, so the ability to smell so well has reduced many functions of this cell.

5. Tactile

– Dogs are sensitive to changes in the weather and climate of the environment. The sensation of pain, cold, and hotness is recognized from the nerve endings of the skin that transmit information into the cerebral cortex, which is handled by a trembling, fluffy reaction. Dogs are more sensitive to cold than heat, although being hot causes them to increase discharge, drool and increase respiration.

– The dog soles are not as significant as the tactile sensation of a human hand.

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