By | December 20, 2018

As the Summer comes to a close, it seems everyone is scrambling to book that final warm-weather getaway to soak up the last rays of sun. But what do you do if you have a furry family member to factor in to your vacay plans? Luckily, Holly and I are seasoned travelers happy to impart our wisdom on how to have the paw-fect pet friendly vacation!

First and foremost, you have to know that the location you are travelling to has pet-friendly accommodations. Many hotel chains such as Lowesand Affinia are known for their pooch-friendly policies that include luxe hotel amenities for both you and your pup. Of course, renting an apartment or home or staying with a trusted friend or family member is also an option, and will provide that more “home away from home” feeling for your pup (bonus points if there’s also a yard).

It’s also important to consider any possible medical needs your pup might have while you are in a new location. Ask your vet if they recommend any shots based on the area you will be going to (particularly if it is heavily wooded and could have ticks), and if they can recommend a vet in the area you are visiting in case of an emergency. One of our adventures at my parents’ home in Colorado once ended at the emergency vet after Holly decided a sunflower stalk seemed like something that belonged in her nostril!


Before you go, check the mode of transportation you plan on taking for any travel rules and regulations regarding pets. Most airlines allow small dogs in the cabin, but some are stricter about weight limits and documentation than others. Although Amtrak does not currently allow dogs, they are working on a pilot program to allow small pets in carriers on short journeys. In the meantime, most regional railroads (such as the Long Island Rail Road and Metro North) do allow animals as long as they are in a bag.

Finally, with all this travel you’ll be doing, it’s smart to invest in a sturdy, airline-approved travel bag that can take you all over the world. Holly and I love her Sleepypod Air because it fits within airline regulations but can expand between takeoff and landing to allow for extra legroom. We also love our LazyBonezz Star Tote for shorter jaunts, since it’s easier to carry and super stylish!

Where have you visited with your pet? Do you have any tips for making travel easier?