Dog Pregnancy, Home Care Like?

By | June 12, 2020

Usually, taking care of a pregnant dog is not simple, especially early pregnancy. If you do not have the knowledge and preparation, the natural birth of a dog has a high risk of death, affecting both children and mothers. So, if you suspect that your dog is pregnant, don’t overlook the pregnancy signs and ways to take care of them below, that information will be extremely helpful for you.

Signs of pregnancy that you need to know

Pay attention to these features to identify pregnant dogs:

+ One of the muscle signs you identify as a pregnant dog is the nipple change. The nipples will become more rosy and full, and this is only noticeable at 2-3 weeks of conception.

+ Weeks 4 – 5, the belly will round and fuller. When entering the 6th to 9th week, their new body changes markedly as the breast enlarged.

+ Behavior changes: After a period of being fertilized, you realize that they become gentle, sometimes tired and have signs of morning sickness, then you can somewhat predict that your dog is pregnant. pregnant or not?

+ Change in taste: When dogs are pregnant, their uterus will grow more and occupy more space. So, this time the mother will feel uncomfortable, tired, anorexia or eating little by little.

+ Finding a litter: the mother dog will usually look for the location and litter before 2-3 weeks, in the last weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, you need to prepare an enclosed space, ensuring a quiet and spacious place for the mother dog to lie first.

The phenomenon of fake pregnant dogs

Dog Pregnancy, Home Care Like?

This is a rare phenomenon in other animals but often occurs in dogs of reproductive age. This condition occurs completely naturally and is often seen in dogs that have had a miscarriage before: After about 60 days of heat, the female has signs of pregnancy such as an enlarged abdomen, breast. pink and may have milk secreted. However, in the late stages, the bitch looks for a nest to give birth but is not actually pregnant. This is a premenstrual disorder, and is generally referred to as a false pregnancy.

Advice is that you should not see dogs showing signs of pregnancy that conclude or are definitely pregnant. The best way to know exactly is that you should take your pet to the veterinary station for examination, heart rate test, blood test and ultrasound for accurate conclusions.

In addition, you should not be too worried when you detect a fake dog because this phenomenon can go away on its own within a month. In addition, you should regularly clean your nipples to prevent excess muscle attack. You can use diluted salt water to clean and regularly clean your dog.

How many months pregnant dog?

Usually, from the time the pregnancy is formed and implanted in the uterine horns until the puppy is born, it is about 58 – 68 days (an average of 9 weeks). Therefore, the time of pregnancy of the dog is only about 2-3 months.

What should pregnant dog eat and how to take care of pregnant dog anorexia?

The time your dog is likely to have a miscarriage is the 28th – 45th day so you have to be careful in caring for the pregnant dog. When dogs are pregnant, you should not let them jump high, run fast, fight or be moody. You should regularly take them for a walk and play with them gentle games to remain healthy without having an abortion.

Early pregnancy (first 30 days)

During this time, bitches do not have signs of pregnancy. But you still need to adjust your diet properly, adding calcium to your dog’s diet. In particular, when dogs are pregnant, they are very anorexic, even refusing to eat and tired. This anorexia usually occurs during the first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, and will end soon after about 1 week. After that, if the dog is still anorexic, refuses to eat for a long time, you should take them to the vet immediately for an examination.

Period between pregnancy (from 35 to 45)

At this time, the body of the mother dog has just begun to change more clearly. Dog behavior and behavior also vary. This is also the time when you should increase your diet. You should not feed them too much but divide them into small meals and supplement many essential nutrients, especially iron.

The last stage of pregnancy (from 35 to 45)

By around 45 days of pregnancy, you can feed your dog Mega-cal according to the opinion of veterinarians. This type of calcium + phosphorus + magnesium depends on your weight and sometimes gives them a little soft basement cartilage to increase the amount of calcium needed. It can be said that the care of mother dogs in pregnancy is a quite complicated problem. You must not only invest effort, time, and costs but also really love and care for them.

In order for the mother dog to give birth safely, this time the mother dog needs to be isolated from other dogs in the house and to avoid contact with other animals outside. Dogs should have a reasonable exercise and exercise regime like walking daily to maintain fitness and good health.

Foods to feed your dog while she is pregnant:

– In order to meet the needs of the mother dog’s milk production and the development of puppies, you need to provide foods rich in calories, calcium and phosphorus.

– Having a higher fat content helps to satisfy higher calorie needs.

– Easy to digest to maximize the amount of calories consumed from food.

– Have more protein content for puppies to grow healthy.

– DHA supports the nervous system development of puppies.

– Provides plenty of iron.

In particular, you should take your mother to see a veterinarian for health checks and periodic pregnancy checks. In it, the veterinarian will diagnose the exact time the dog will give birth to be prepared for the birth.

Should pregnant dogs bathe?

For Pitbull dogs and other dogs with close or almost hairless, low body shape, they can still be bathed for them. Because the dog does not shake and shiver strongly, after bathing, it does not affect the fetus much.

However, for large and tall dogs such as GSD (Becgie Germany) and Rott for example, when dogs are pregnant we should not give them a bath. This is very dangerous because when the dog is finished bathing and shaking their hair and the habit of repeatedly shaking will greatly affect the unborn baby. The best solution in this case is that you should get a warm wet washcloth and quickly wipe the dog.

According to the doctors’ opinion, pregnant dogs can only shower once a week or when dirty, very dirty. After the dog bath is complete, you should definitely wipe dry or dry to prevent dogs from getting cold, susceptible to respiratory diseases.

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