This time of year, it’s always important to give thanks for all the wonderful puppies and people in your life. Over the weekend, we had even more to give thanks for at the Puppy Parties NYC “Pups and Pilgrims” bash at the Upper East Side Biscuits & Bath.

The event was hosted in part by PetPlate, a food delivery service for pups that has been getting a lot of buzz thanks to its vet approved, human grade menu. Think ground turkey, pumpkin, and peppers—even the humans in the room wanted a taste! After the pups had some time to let their mouths water, they were finally able to dig in…and the table full of clean plates proved the food tasted as delish as it looked!

After finishing the main course, it was time for dessert and pawty games. Daring pups could try their hand (or, snout) at bobbing for bones, or, if you were Holly, you could check out the centerpiece of frosted turkey treats on the nearby table, which she discovered were just in tongue’s reach!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Thanksgiving event without thinking about those pups who haven’t been as fortunate this year. Donations were collected for Social Tees, so more homeless pups could have a chance at a forever home for the holidays.