How To Litter Train A Ferret?

When it comes to owning pets, people prefer having a ferret as their pet because they are considered very low maintenance. For Beginner Pets parents, it is important to know every single thing a pet needs. It would be your duty to keep a check on their poop, food, bathing, and rest of the things. These things are something that you must know. Now let’s get to how to litter train a ferret?How To Litter Train A Ferret

Before we get to how to train your pet for litter training, there are some things that you must know.

  • The pan you are using for the litter box must be big and shallow enough for the ferret.
  • Some pets bury their feces, but ferrets don’t bury them, so you don’t have to buy a thick layer of litter.
  • Try and find the litter which is unscented and free of dust. If it is not dust free, it can cause respiratory issues in your little fur baby.
  • Don’t use clumping or clay litter because they like to rub themselves in the litter. If it would be clay litter, it can get stuck in their anus, and you will see little prints of litter all over your place then.
  • The Best Litter for Ferrets is recycled pellets of newspaper, alfalfa pellet litter, or denatured hardwood pellets.

Step 1

You have to place a litter box with Best Litter for Ferrets in your pet’s cage. It will keep your ferret confined there only. It is important to keep your ferret confined because it will create the cage as their safe place where he can play too.

Step 2

Check if your ferret is using the litter box or not. It will help you see if he is comfortable in it. If you see your ferret using another place to shed feces and urinate, you can move the litter box there. This way, there will be no mess, and he will get in the litter box’s habit even if you move it.

Step 3

Now that your ferret has started to recognize the importance of litter box, you can start taking him out to other places. You can keep the litter box there, and he will play and do anything he wants there. You can use the litter box frequently with the help of Best Litter for.

Step 4

Use the new litter box frequently when you take him out for playtime. He will start recognizing his litter box, and then you can replace the old litter box with a new one. You can also add new boxes around the place so that he can find one when needed.

Step 5 

You will have to put your ferret in the litter box initially or for an extended period. It is because the litter box is big and he can’t climb it. When you see him back to a corner for urinating or defecating, pick him up and place him in the litter box.

Step 6

It would help if you also praised your ferret when he uses the litter box. You can praise them with your happy and proud face and give him a treat. Always use positive motivation and never negative because then they can get scared of you.

Step 7

If you see any issue in your ferret’s litter training, you can repeat the steps. It can be because he started to ignore it or he doesn’t like the places of litter boxes. When you start the training again, he won’t ignore it again.

What are the different types of litter training methods?How To Litter Train A Ferret

There is no one way of training your furry baby ferret; you can use various training over time. Some trainings don’t work, and because of several techniques, you can find the best one which can work for the ferret. Here are the types/ methods of litter training:

Rise and shine

As the name suggests, encourage your ferret to go to the litter box when he wakes up. It will be like a habit for him. He will look for his litter box with the Best Litter for Ferrets first thing in the morning. You can wake him up when he is already about to wake and put him in the litter box.

If you keep this regular, you can see that he will go simply with enthusiasm. It would help if you promoted the effort by giving him a treat when he does what you say. The ferret will shed the feces and urinate at the same time when you put him there because it has become a routine now.

Praise and adulation

If your ferret keeps running all over the place, you have to keep the litter boxes in every room and corner of the place. This way, he will have a litter box around him when he needs it. With the help of the routine and training, he will go there on his own without littering the place with feces.

Every time he gets in there and goes with no force, you should give him treats to motivate him. Keeping the Best Litter for Ferrets will give them a nice experience all the time too.


You should use this method when other plans are of no use. If there are some unusual places that he uses to defecate, then turn that place into his bedroom. Of course, he will not use that place as a bathroom anymore. A smart pet needs a smart owner, too, when it comes to ferrets.

Follow your nose

This method is mainly used for impaired pets. Even if your ferret is blind, he can smell the litter box. You can add vanilla extract to the Best Litter for Ferrets, and he will know where to go. Keep in mind to spread it in the litter box only and not in the rest of the cage.

The bottom lines

Litter training for your ferret is very important. Not only for ferrets, if you have any other pet, but you also need to train them to avoid spreading their feces all over the place. This way, they will stay well maintained, and you won’t have to keep cleaning the place all the time.

5 Important Commands You Can Show Your Pet

Having a qualified pet isn’t the like having a well balanced canine, however if your pet understands a few fundamental commands, it can be useful when dealing with trouble behaviors– present ones or those that may create in the future.

5 Important Commands You Can Show Your Pet

So where do you start with canine obedience training? You could take a course, but it’s not required; you can do it on your own. In fact, with the best perspective, it can be fun for both you as well as your canine!


This is just one of the easiest pet dog obedience regulates to educate, so it’s a good one to start with.

Hold a reward close to your dog’s nose.
Move your hand up, permitting his head to follow the treat and also causing his bottom to lower.
Once he remains in sitting position, state “Sit,” provide him the reward, as well as share affection.
Repeat this series a few times every day until your dog has it mastered. Then ask your dog to rest before mealtime, when leaving for walks, and throughout other circumstances where you would certainly like him calm as well as seated.


This command can help keep a dog out of difficulty, bringing him back to you if you lose hold on the chain or inadvertently leave the front door open.

Put a chain and collar on your pet.
Drop to his degree and also state, “Come,” while gently pulling on the leash.
When he reaches you, reward him with affection as well as a reward.
When he’s mastered it with the chain, remove it– and exercise the command in a secure, encased location.


This can be one of the harder commands in dog obedience training. Why? Due to the fact that the position is a passive position. You can aid by keeping training positive and kicked back, especially with scared or distressed pet dogs.

Discover a particularly good scenting reward, and hold it in your closed clenched fist.
Hold your hand approximately your pet’s nose. When he smells it, relocate your hand to the flooring, so he complies with.
After that glide your hand along the ground before him to urge his body to follow his head.
When he remains in the down position, state “Down,” offer him the treat, and share love.
Repeat it on a daily basis. If your pet dog attempts to stay up or lunges toward your hand, say “No” as well as take your hand away. Do not press him into a down position, as well as motivate every step your canine takes toward the right placement. After all, he’s working hard to figure it out!


Prior to trying this set, see to it your pet dog is a professional at the “Sit” command.

Initially, ask your pet to “Rest.”.
After that open the hand of your hand in front of you, as well as say “Stay.”.
Take a couple of steps back. Compensate him with a reward and also affection if he stays.
Progressively increase the variety of steps you take in the past giving the treat.
Always reward your pup for sitting tight– even if it’s just for a few seconds.
This is an exercise in self-control for your pet, so don’t be inhibited if it takes a while to master, particularly for puppies as well as high-energy canines. Nevertheless, they intend to be on the move and not simply sitting there waiting.

Leave it

This can help keep your dog risk-free when his curiosity gets the better of him, like if he scents something intriguing yet possibly unsafe on the ground! The objective is to show your dog that he gets something also better for disregarding the other thing.

Location a reward in both hands.
Show him one enclosed clenched fist with the treat within, as well as claim, “Leave it.”.
Allow him lick, smell, mouth, paw, and bark to attempt to get it– as well as overlook the behaviors.
When he stops trying, provide him the treat from the various other hand.
Repeat till your pet dog relocates far from that initial hand when you state, “Leave it.”.
Next off, only provide your dog the treat when he moves far from that first clenched fist and additionally searches for at you.
Once your pet constantly moves away from the very first reward and also offers you eye contact when you claim the command, you prepare to take it up a notch. For this, make use of two various deals with– one that’s simply great as well as one that’s an especially great smelling and delicious favorite for your dog.

5 Important Commands You Can Show Your Pet

State “Leave it,” area the much less attractive treat on the flooring, as well as cover it with your hand.
Wait till your dog disregards that reward and looks at you. After that remove that reward from the floor, offer him the better treat and share love promptly.
Once he’s got it, put the much less yummy treat on the floor … however do not completely cover it with your hand. Rather hold it a little bit above the treat. In time, slowly move your hand farther as well as farther away till your hand has to do with 6 inches over.
Now he’s ready to exercise with you standing! Adhere to the very same steps, yet if he tries to take the much less delicious treat, cover it with your foot.
Don’t rush the process. Remember, you’re asking a lot of your pet. If you take it up a notch as well as he’s really battling, return to the previous stage.

Just these five straightforward commands can assist maintain your canine much safer and improve your interaction with him. It’s well worth the financial investment of your effort and time. Bear in mind, the procedure requires time, so just start a pet dog obedience training session if you remain in the best way of thinking to practice calm-assertive energy and patience.

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Dog Pregnancy, Home Care Like?

Usually, taking care of a pregnant dog is not simple, especially early pregnancy. If you do not have the knowledge and preparation, the natural birth of a dog has a high risk of death, affecting both children and mothers. So, if you suspect that your dog is pregnant, don’t overlook the pregnancy signs and ways to take care of them below, that information will be extremely helpful for you.

Signs of pregnancy that you need to know

Pay attention to these features to identify pregnant dogs:

+ One of the muscle signs you identify as a pregnant dog is the nipple change. The nipples will become more rosy and full, and this is only noticeable at 2-3 weeks of conception.

+ Weeks 4 – 5, the belly will round and fuller. When entering the 6th to 9th week, their new body changes markedly as the breast enlarged.

+ Behavior changes: After a period of being fertilized, you realize that they become gentle, sometimes tired and have signs of morning sickness, then you can somewhat predict that your dog is pregnant. pregnant or not?

+ Change in taste: When dogs are pregnant, their uterus will grow more and occupy more space. So, this time the mother will feel uncomfortable, tired, anorexia or eating little by little.

+ Finding a litter: the mother dog will usually look for the location and litter before 2-3 weeks, in the last weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, you need to prepare an enclosed space, ensuring a quiet and spacious place for the mother dog to lie first.

The phenomenon of fake pregnant dogs

Dog Pregnancy, Home Care Like?

This is a rare phenomenon in other animals but often occurs in dogs of reproductive age. This condition occurs completely naturally and is often seen in dogs that have had a miscarriage before: After about 60 days of heat, the female has signs of pregnancy such as an enlarged abdomen, breast. pink and may have milk secreted. However, in the late stages, the bitch looks for a nest to give birth but is not actually pregnant. This is a premenstrual disorder, and is generally referred to as a false pregnancy.

Advice is that you should not see dogs showing signs of pregnancy that conclude or are definitely pregnant. The best way to know exactly is that you should take your pet to the veterinary station for examination, heart rate test, blood test and ultrasound for accurate conclusions.

In addition, you should not be too worried when you detect a fake dog because this phenomenon can go away on its own within a month. In addition, you should regularly clean your nipples to prevent excess muscle attack. You can use diluted salt water to clean and regularly clean your dog.

How many months pregnant dog?

Usually, from the time the pregnancy is formed and implanted in the uterine horns until the puppy is born, it is about 58 – 68 days (an average of 9 weeks). Therefore, the time of pregnancy of the dog is only about 2-3 months.

What should pregnant dog eat and how to take care of pregnant dog anorexia?

The time your dog is likely to have a miscarriage is the 28th – 45th day so you have to be careful in caring for the pregnant dog. When dogs are pregnant, you should not let them jump high, run fast, fight or be moody. You should regularly take them for a walk and play with them gentle games to remain healthy without having an abortion.

Early pregnancy (first 30 days)

During this time, bitches do not have signs of pregnancy. But you still need to adjust your diet properly, adding calcium to your dog’s diet. In particular, when dogs are pregnant, they are very anorexic, even refusing to eat and tired. This anorexia usually occurs during the first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, and will end soon after about 1 week. After that, if the dog is still anorexic, refuses to eat for a long time, you should take them to the vet immediately for an examination.

Period between pregnancy (from 35 to 45)

At this time, the body of the mother dog has just begun to change more clearly. Dog behavior and behavior also vary. This is also the time when you should increase your diet. You should not feed them too much but divide them into small meals and supplement many essential nutrients, especially iron.

The last stage of pregnancy (from 35 to 45)

By around 45 days of pregnancy, you can feed your dog Mega-cal according to the opinion of veterinarians. This type of calcium + phosphorus + magnesium depends on your weight and sometimes gives them a little soft basement cartilage to increase the amount of calcium needed. It can be said that the care of mother dogs in pregnancy is a quite complicated problem. You must not only invest effort, time, and costs but also really love and care for them.

In order for the mother dog to give birth safely, this time the mother dog needs to be isolated from other dogs in the house and to avoid contact with other animals outside. Dogs should have a reasonable exercise and exercise regime like walking daily to maintain fitness and good health.

Foods to feed your dog while she is pregnant:

– In order to meet the needs of the mother dog’s milk production and the development of puppies, you need to provide foods rich in calories, calcium and phosphorus.

– Having a higher fat content helps to satisfy higher calorie needs.

– Easy to digest to maximize the amount of calories consumed from food.

– Have more protein content for puppies to grow healthy.

– DHA supports the nervous system development of puppies.

– Provides plenty of iron.

In particular, you should take your mother to see a veterinarian for health checks and periodic pregnancy checks. In it, the veterinarian will diagnose the exact time the dog will give birth to be prepared for the birth.

Should pregnant dogs bathe?

For Pitbull dogs and other dogs with close or almost hairless, low body shape, they can still be bathed for them. Because the dog does not shake and shiver strongly, after bathing, it does not affect the fetus much.

However, for large and tall dogs such as GSD (Becgie Germany) and Rott for example, when dogs are pregnant we should not give them a bath. This is very dangerous because when the dog is finished bathing and shaking their hair and the habit of repeatedly shaking will greatly affect the unborn baby. The best solution in this case is that you should get a warm wet washcloth and quickly wipe the dog.

According to the doctors’ opinion, pregnant dogs can only shower once a week or when dirty, very dirty. After the dog bath is complete, you should definitely wipe dry or dry to prevent dogs from getting cold, susceptible to respiratory diseases.

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You will be surprised at the ability of the dog

Just like humans, dogs also have 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But more specifically than humans, these senses work better and have many strange characteristics, serving a variety of purposes. If you are curious about what those strange points are, please refer to our article below!

1. Visual

– The dog’s ability to see at night is much better than humans because the dog’s retinal cells can focus both types of bright and dim daylight of the night. It is this feature that makes it possible for dogs to be active, hunt and see bad guys at night.

– Dog tears have strong oxidation and antiseptic ability, in dusty environment, just a little liquid is needed to clean their eyes.

– The viewing angle of the dog’s eyes is very wide, sometimes it is not necessary to turn the head but the dog can roll his eyes to the sides, observe carefully, help react quickly and keep secrets, minimize body movement.

– Dog eye is really a perfect camera to send images and be processed immediately in the visual area of ​​the cerebral hemisphere at an instant speed directing the body parts to perform in time the movements: tearing , running, barking or affectionate affection.

– Dog eyes have 3 eyelids, when they are not needed, only one eyelid will be blocked and still not affect the ability to see.

– Dogs can not distinguish colors like humans, only two colors: white and black (color blind). Means black, red, blue … just one!

2. Hearing

– The hearing ability of dogs is twice that of humans. The response after hearing is two and a half times faster than humans.

– Dogs can hear ultrasonic waves so people use ultrasonic horn to teach dogs.

– The ability to distinguish the sound of dogs is excellent, when heard several times, they can remember as printed and distinguish what the noise is.

3. Smell

– Can assess the ability to smell, smell of dogs is one of the most important senses of the 5 senses. Not only does the dog smell the differentiation of food, dogs also use their noses to smell for hunting prey or “mates.”

– No need to “taste”, just smell food, dogs can decide to eat or refuse to eat.

– Dogs with long nose tubes like cocker, GSD, Dachshund … ability to smell, smell better than other dogs.

– Some scents that are very pleasant for people: perfume, shampoo, alcohol … dogs hate and vice versa dogs love to smell … scary: stinking stool, corpses. But it is also helpful when people take advantage of this ability for disaster, earthquake and storm rescue operations.

4. Taste

– The senses are organically linked to the sense of smell and then decide to taste, lick food or cuddle with a partner or owner.

– It can identify food that it likes to eat daily. If you make changes, add or “trick” them with food of the same color, they will recognize it right away.

– The number of taste nerve cells in dog’s mucosa is less than 12 times that of humans, so the ability to smell so well has reduced many functions of this cell.

5. Tactile

– Dogs are sensitive to changes in the weather and climate of the environment. The sensation of pain, cold, and hotness is recognized from the nerve endings of the skin that transmit information into the cerebral cortex, which is handled by a trembling, fluffy reaction. Dogs are more sensitive to cold than heat, although being hot causes them to increase discharge, drool and increase respiration.

– The dog soles are not as significant as the tactile sensation of a human hand.

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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Dog Owners 2020! Grab the pro details here!!!

In the millennial world, we are pretty much open to the idea of caring for animals and keeping them as a pet. People are adopting different species of animals for petting from leopard lizards to leopards; everyone is interested in getting the pet for themselves. However, in the listing of traditional pets, dogs and cats remain the convenient one for everyone.

Millions of people have chosen dogs as their conventional pets and companions and are pretty much attached to it as well. When you are thinking of choosing for the best gift for these pets lovers or dog owners, then you surely need to stimulate your creative mind for making them happier. Below we are enlisting top recommendations of gift ideas for people who own dogs as pets. You can learn profound details regarding the concept in this article, surely.

Top 10 gift ideas for dog owners!

When pondering to find the perfect piece of gift for dog owners, then you might have to struggle pretty much hard for it. However, now the wait is over as we are presenting you with the top 10 gift ideas that you can opt for presenting to dog owners. So let us get started with the listing of the creative gifts for dog owners.

Super chewer barkbox

Well, you might be pondering to have something that can last longer, and one can attain better benefits from it. If yes, then super chewer can surely come in handy for you. This is something that can last for a longer bit for the dogs, especially it is convenient for wicked winter months, and it will last for you until the spring is sprung. You don’t need to bother about the different breeds of dogs as this product is designed for keeping difficult pups in mind. You might sound crazy by people for presenting this to a dog owner; however weird it might look, but it is the most convincing choice to go along with for gifts. The best feature about this one is that it is presented at fair prices without much hassle.

Furbo treats dispensing dog cameras

We find this one as the ideal deal for dog owners to have. Having a cute pup in your home is the best thing surely, but you cannot spend all the time with the pup due to work. Not getting enough time with your dog is surely one of the toughest feelings, but you can consider to take them along with you. You would be pondering how one can carry a pet in their professional place. Well, you can carry one not physically but virtually. If your friend is a pet owner or dog owner, particularly, then it would be an optimal choice for you to choose for this dispensing dog camera that can help one to keep an eye on their dog when they are not around.

Doodles socks

Is your friend is a kid at their heart still? If yes, then this doodle socks can come in handy for you surely. It would be the perfect choice for you to grab this dog doodle socks for dog owners where they don’t have to sacrifice their love for dogs for keeping their human pawns warm. You can get clingy and quirky around their dog with the same cute little doodle socks. It is a much convincing option for people that fall short on budget. It is a convincing option for you to choose this option to gift your friend with a dog.

Boss hoodie for the dog

Well, one can consider having different hoodies or shirts for dogs that make them look classy. Additionally, you can consider having dog lover t shirts print as well if you aren’t really convinced with a boss hoodie that would also be an as good thing to present dog owner with. You can even consider gifting the set of dog shirts in pairs so that both of them can wear it optimally and show their never-ending bond of love without much hassle. They can even try for a photoshoot together by dressing in the same kind of pair of hoodie or t-shirt. It is also a budget-friendly option to choose for people who don’t feel like spending larger bucks on gifts.

Wild walk kit

Another optimal choice would be this convenient option that is a wild walk kit that is pretty much cool and reliable. For dogs roaming around the streets is the most convincing practice to practice with their owner for fun. By gifting such wild walk kit, dogs, the owner can consider to get their pets along with them on long walks with wearing their funny dog shirts and enjoying their time together. It is said that dogs are the most loyal companion to have by your side. This is an optimal kit that is stain, odor as well as dirt-resistant, so you also don’t need to bother about hygiene for your dog. Also, if you have a wild pup that is difficult is the handle, then not to bother as manufacturing is pretty hard so you can handle the wild pup with ease only.

Therefore, these are some of the top recommendations of unique gifts for dog owners. One thing that all these gifts have in common is that all of them are reliable and budget-friendly, so anyone can consider gifting these pieces to their friends who have dogs as their pets.

The final judgment

In the final judgment, we can conclude to the fact that it is much convenient for you to choose for the optimal gifts for dog owners for making them happy. It is the perfect choice for you to choose among the prolonged listing as that are the top recommendations of gifts for dog owners. One can also be considerate about the details enlisted above in the article for choosing an optimal gift for your friend with a dog. We hope to find the details stated above informative and useful for finding the perfect piece of gift for dog owners.

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Can Rabbits Live Outside in Winter?

Can Rabbits Live Outside in Winter?

Pet animals are wonderful companion, so most of the people want to grow pet animals like cat, dog, rabbit and others. Rabbit is a simple and lovable animal that can be a great pick of any animal lovers. We should consider the weather condition when after growing up rabbit in our home because we should keep rabbits as per the conditions like winter, summer and other. In winter season, we must arrange some important factors to grow the rabbits safely and healthy. The rabbit hutch is important to keep the rabbits healthy and happy. The common people may have no idea about buying a neat rabbit hutch but they must know the importance of rabbit hutch after buying a beautiful rabbit or any pet animal.

The essential considerations to buy a rabbit hutch

Can Rabbits Live Outside in Winter?

At present, every animal lover wants to purchase a smart hut to keep the animal safely.  A comfort hutch is essential to maintain a rabbit without any troubles so we should follow some guides to buy a smart rabbit hutch. There are some considerations available for finding a right hutch.

  • The rabbit hutch should not be too small in size. We should buy a medium size hutch that will helpful for keeping rabbits with all features. Actually, rabbits are growing faster so we must think wisely to buy a big one. A big size rabbit hutch will help rabbits to breath easily.
  • We should consider the type of the rabbit hutch while purchasing it. There are two types of hutches available and those are indoor hutch and outdoor hutch. A few people love to keep rabbits inside the room or home atmosphere because they want to interact with rabbits frequently. Some people wish to keep rabbits just outside the home atmosphere. However, people have to choose a right one as per the conditions.
  • Design and materials both are playing key role in selection of rabbit hutch. In these modern days, people want stylish and quality rabbit hutches so we should check out the materials and design of rabbit hutch while purchasing a rabbit hutch.


Above three considerations will be useful for all the users who want to buy a smart and stylish rabbit hutch. Most of people never mind the cost of rabbit hutch so they only want elegant and neat rabbit hutch to make purchase. It’s mostly expensive so people may buy it through some online shopping stores for reasonable price. Some hutches made up of wood materials and steel materials so people have to think well before buying it. We may read more article here for finding the convenient rabbit hutch for small and big rabbits. In these present days, there are many blogs guide us to buy a smart hutch or cage without any confusions.

The different features of rabbit hutches

Generally, we want a smart rabbit cage with easy handling. If we have a big rabbit, then we must buy a rabbit hutch that comes with some features. A smart rabbit cage should be breathable for all the rabbits equally. It should look little big because rabbits can grow faster easily. It should be comfort to feed foods to the rabbits easily. If we go for buying a rabbit cage or hutch, then we should consider the features of hutch to avoid discomfort issues. In these modern days, most of people would like to keep the rabbit as pet animal because it looks very elegant.

Nowadays, we can get different kinds of rabbit hutches at various pet shops and other online shopping stores. It’s a digital world so people highly want to use online shopping platform to buy any products including rabbit hutches and rabbit cages. We do not buy any low quality cages and hutches to grow the rabbits because they may hurt rabbits. A high quality rabbit hutch comes with warranty feature so users no need to worry about stability of product. The people should be very clear about buying a comfortable rabbit hutch otherwise we have to face many issues while growing beautiful rabbits. Make a proper clean in every day and keep the place hygienic to have a healthy life of your rabbit.

Can Chinchillas Live Outside?

Short-tailed and long-tailed chinchillas are very popular pet animals around the world. Many people wish to take care of the chinchilla like their baby. On the other hand, they get confused with different choices regarding the cages for the chinchillas and suggestions about how to keep the chinchilla in the outdoor environment. They have to understand and remember that pet chinchillas must be kept inside as these pet animals can withstand the high and low temperatures.  Any chinchilla may get an array of health problems when it exposed to hot or low temperatures. Though this animal has thick fur coats, this animal does not have any sweat gland like the human. A chinchilla cannot cool itself down in the hot temperature.

Can Chinchillas Live Outside?

Different designs of chinchilla cages on online

Attractive designs of affordable yet the best chinchilla cages for sale in the pet shops these days encourage many people to prefer and buy one of these cages. You can pay attention to the complete details and real images of these cages right now. You will make a good decision about how to choose and order the chinchilla cage through online. Chinchillas are extremely intelligent, incredibly agile and fantastic pets. They have the best and soft fur.

Can Chinchillas Live Outside?

As an owner of the pet chinchilla, you have to select a suitable cage for it. There are some significant factors to consider before choosing the cage for chinchilla. Material is one of these factors. This is because the chinchilla has open rooted teeth and habits to chew on everything it can get his little paws on. This is advisable to buy a wire or any sort of other metal cage to make certain this animal is contained and would not ingest anything which could lead to problems to its delicate body.

High-quality and affordable chinchilla cages

Choosing the right size of the chinchilla cage is very important as this animal jumps and moves at all times. You can focus on the overall specifications of the best chinchilla cages in detail and find out whether the cage you like to buy at this time can be appropriate for your pet animal. In general, chinchillas can jump up to 6 feet in the upward direction in its single leap. You can pick and purchase the largest chinchilla cage after a comprehensive analysis of different things. This is advisable to prefer and order the chinchilla cage with the multiple levels to assist the chinchilla to mimic its natural instinctual behaviour in the best possible way.

Can Chinchillas Live Outside?

Experts in the pet care sector these days keep up-to-date with the design and manufacturing of the best chinchilla cages on online. They focus on different things about how to appraise the real worth of buying the chinchilla cage. They recommend the multilevel chinchilla cages as these cages provide ample space for chinchillas. You can prefer and buy the chinchilla cage with stackable units so as to add extra stories later as per your requirements.  Chinchillas have a high level of physical and mental stimulation. You can invest in the best-in-class hideouts, chews, toys and other things designed to make chinchillas happy.  Do not forget to consider the room for essential accessories like a water bottle and food dishes.

Explore and narrow down chinchilla cages

Can Chinchillas Live Outside?

Advanced designs of chinchilla cages these days include a stand or storage shelf designed to store supplies. These shelves are big enough to house toys, hay, treats and food items without complexity in any aspect. Many brands of chinchilla cages are available on the market at this time.

You can read honest reviews of these chinchilla cages on online and make positive changes in your approach to pick and order the appropriate chinchilla cage. You can consider every feature of the chinchilla cage and pay attention to the best things to choose and buy the suitable cage. If you get any doubt related to any cage, then you must make clear such doubt before investing in the cage. You will get exceptional benefits when you focus on and follow the professional guidelines about how to choose and buy the chinchilla cage. You will be happy and confident to suggest the world-class nature of the affordable chinchilla cage to likeminded pet owners.

Is Your Cat Really Thirsty or is Something Going On?

Do you pay attention to how much water your pet cat consume? You should you know. Cats can develop many dangerous symptoms from not drinking enough water or drinking too much. These symptoms are not small like the common cold. They are dangerous and can lead to dead cats. Check all water bottles for cats that you have. See if the cat is drinking usual amount of water. Any sign that you see that show your cat is not drinking enough, is a big yellow flag and you should get your cat to drink more before it gets really bad.

When Is It a Problem

Is Your Cat Really Thirsty or is Something Going On?

Your cat not drinking the right amount of water is a problem, when you see it having unusual symptoms or changes in drink behavior. Its often difficult to measure the water amount if you have more then one cat or animal. But, you have to watch for the signs that are obvious. The first sign, your cat drinks too much or is not drinking enough. Look at how many times your cat goes to the water bowl or water bottles for cats that you purchased. If you see the cat drinking too much or not drinking from the bowl at all, there is a high chance the cat is having hydration issue. It could be infected from something it ate, or it could be refusing to eat. Both of which, are very bad to the cat’s health. The cat must consume the right amount of water. If you have a small feeling that your cat is drinking strangely, please look into it closer.

Another sign to look for when searching for cat hydration problems, is a large increase restroom use. Cats go to the litter box or appropriate section like normal animals. However, there are some cats that do it more then they should. Some cats even poop and pee on the floor all day. A cat that does not use rest room in a way that is not normal, is a cat that is most likely infected or experiencing dehydration issues. Be on the look out for your cat acting strange while using the rest room. A clear sign for cat hydration problem.

Cats are very good at hiding their hydration illness, so you won’t be able to know just from looking. When they experience dehydration changes, they make minor movements. The movements are very minor. The cat will also not complain to you about it until it gets really bad. Cats have a lot of pride and don’t want to admit they have a problem until its too late. Here are more things to consider cat hydration issues below.

Should You Call a Vet

The decision is mainly up to you, but you should call a vet if you see your cat is behaving in a sick manner. Your cat will get worse over time. The symptoms caused from hydration problems start out small. But, they get bigger over a couple days. If you notice your cat has been acting strange with water and with using the rest room, its safe to assume your cat needs to go to pet hospital. Take your pet to the local pet store to see a vet, before it gets too late.

How Can I Get My Pet Cat to Drink More

Getting your cat to drink more is easy most of the time. Your cat will not say anything to you when it needs more water. So, you got to trick your cat into drinking water unknowingly. Try feeding your cat some wet cat food, putting water bottles for cats all over your house. Try mixing tuna juice with water for your cat to consume. One of these methods, will try to persuade your cat to drink water. If none of these methods work, then you should contact your local pet store or veterinarian for assistance. Hopefully, the solution won’t cost a whole lot to cat hydration problem.


We recently had the opportunity to try NYC’s newest pet food delivery service, PetPlate. As many of you know, Mochi is a picky eater and she only eats fresh food for meals – so we are excited to see the growth of options for high quality natural food in New York. Mochi devoured her PetPlate chicken meals and to be honest, they looked pretty yummy to my human eyes as well! We chatted with the PetPlate CEO Renaldo and find out more about what inspired him to start the company – read on to get the scoop and don’t miss the awesome giveaway at the end of the post!


I spent over a year doing manufacturing and supply chain consulting for leading pet food companies. I saw first hand what was going into the food, and thought that pet owners deserved higher quality ingredients for their pets.


I believe the number one benefit is knowing what you are feeding your pet. Just like us, I believe dogs are what they eat. If you look at commercial pet food companies many have been caught lying about what’s in their food, where their ingredients are sourced, and quality standards in their factories. We bypass that by only using natural ingredients and making all meals to order.

In addition, many people who have switched to homemade diets have solved weight, allergy, and digestive issues by switching over to a homemade diet. It’s great for picky eaters as well. 





I worked with veterinary nutritionists from California to develop all of the meals to ensure they are balanced and contain the right supplements. As for the ingredients we only use food you’d eat yourself, and we made sure to include gluten-free and grain-free options as well.

We want to vary ingredients seasonally, so we are now offering pumpkin based dishes in the fall.  (editor’s note: yum!)



PetPlate works just like other food subscription services. You visit our website and pick your subscription plan, your meals, and delivery day/time. We have a very flexible delivery schedule that allows for freshly cooked meals to be delivered. For example, you can choose Wednesday Night or Sunday Mornings – whatever works best for your schedule.

Another thing we are excited about is that all meals are made-to-order. Since we only take subscriptions we can effectively plan our schedule and deliver our meals 1-2 hours after being cooked.


I would say meeting other people. I try to do as many deliveries during the week as possible to chat with customers to get feedback on the product, and everyone has been extremely helpful and willing to chat. A few have invited me in, and I’ve gotten to learn about how they ended up with their furry best friend or have told me about their own businesses (often in the pet’s space). Its just a great community of people


Learn more about homemade diets. I think too often meal time is seen as a chore, but there are simple things you can do to not only make meal time an experience, but also improve the health of your pet!


If you haven’t tried PetPlate yet, the bitches say – give it a try! You can check out the subscription options and we’ve also partnered with PetPlate to giveaway 3 One Month Weekly Treat Plans (valued at $50 each)! Enter through the widget below – good luck!



Today we’re so excited to share with you the story behind one of our new favorite dog treat brands, Leela Ryan. These dog biscuits have the chicest packaging we’ve ever seen, and they’re Mochi taste-tested and approved! 

What inspired you to start Leela Ryan?

Simple luxuries inspire me. No fuss, just effortless ways to elevate the every day. Like a bouquet of peonies on your nightstand, cooking with a glass of wine and foreign music that transports you, lounging on the couch with your dog, or taking a luxury bag to the farmers’ market.

After I became a dog parent, I was frustrated when I couldn’t find the perfect dog treat that made me feel like it was a simple luxury. I wanted a healthy treat that also wouldn’t compete with my style and could even be a great gift. Eventually, I decided to create what I wanted to see.

I blended two worlds together. I made all-natural and organic healthy dog biscuit and packaged them in chic, feminine and fun bags creating something for both the owner and the dog. That way, you can feel equally excited to take out the bag as your dog will be to receive what’s inside. Plus, they smell great so you don’t have to worry about rushing to wash your hands immediately after giving a treat.

Essentially, what really inspired me was the love I had for my dog and my outlook on life.


How did you decide on your business name?

My husband named our dog Leela Ryan, which I thought was adorable. I absolutely adore my pup and when I decided to start a business inspired by my life with her, I thought it would be perfect to name the company Leela Ryan.

Tell us about your treats. What makes them different from other dog treats?


My treats are oat and fruit based. They are hand-made using only 3 organic and all-natural ingredients. There are no chemicals, no soy, no wheat, no preservatives. They are simple, healthy, and yummy.

Where can we find your treats?

We are currently sold online at and specialty dog boutiques in NYC, such as Zoomies.


What has been the most rewarding part about running your business?

The connection I’ve made with the people and dogs I’ve met has been the most rewarding. It makes it all worth it and I can continue to see all the ways I can bring value into their lives. That is very important to me.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for dog parents in NYC?

I think one of the best things to do is to plan to take your dog out of your neighborhood and explore the other parks, restaurants and specialty dog boutiques throughout the city. It’s so easy to stay where you know, but exploring can be so much fun for both you and your dog. You just may discover you new favorite whatever, or at least have a great story to tell.