Can Rabbits Live Outside in Winter?

Can rabbits live outside in winter?

Pet animals are wonderful companion, so most of the people want to grow pet animals like cat, dog, rabbit and others. Rabbit is a simple and lovable animal that can be a great pick of any animal lovers. We should consider the weather condition when after growing up rabbit in our home because we should keep rabbits as per the conditions like winter, summer and other. In winter season, we must arrange some important factors to grow the rabbits safely and healthy. The rabbit hutch is important to keep the rabbits healthy and happy. The common people may have no idea about buying a neat rabbit hutch but they must know the importance of rabbit hutch after buying a beautiful rabbit or any pet animal.

The essential considerations to buy a rabbit hutch

The essential considerations to buy a rabbit hutch

At present, every animal lover wants to purchase a smart hut to keep the animal safely.  A comfort hutch is essential to maintain a rabbit without any troubles so we should follow some guides to buy a smart rabbit hutch. There are some considerations available for finding a right hutch.

  • The rabbit hutch should not be too small in size. We should buy a medium size hutch that will helpful for keeping rabbits with all features. Actually, rabbits are growing faster so we must think wisely to buy a big one. A big size rabbit hutch will help rabbits to breath easily.
  • We should consider the type of the rabbit hutch while purchasing it. There are two types of hutches available and those are indoor hutch and outdoor hutch. A few people love to keep rabbits inside the room or home atmosphere because they want to interact with rabbits frequently. Some people wish to keep rabbits just outside the home atmosphere. However, people have to choose a right one as per the conditions.
  • Design and materials both are playing key role in selection of rabbit hutch. In these modern days, people want stylish and quality rabbit hutches so we should check out the materials and design of rabbit hutch while purchasing a rabbit hutch.

Above three considerations will be useful for all the users who want to buy a smart and stylish rabbit hutch. Most of people never mind the cost of rabbit hutch so they only want elegant and neat rabbit hutch to make purchase. It’s mostly expensive so people may buy it through some online shopping stores for reasonable price. Some hutches made up of wood materials and steel materials so people have to think well before buying it. We may read more article here for finding the convenient rabbit hutch for small and big rabbits. In these present days, there are many blogs guide us to buy a smart hutch or cage without any confusions.

The different features of rabbit hutches

Generally, we want a smart rabbit cage with easy handling. If we have a big rabbit, then we must buy a rabbit hutch that comes with some features. A smart rabbit cage should be breathable for all the rabbits equally. It should look little big because rabbits can grow faster easily. It should be comfort to feed foods to the rabbits easily. If we go for buying a rabbit cage or hutch, then we should consider the features of hutch to avoid discomfort issues. In these modern days, most of people would like to keep the rabbit as pet animal because it looks very elegant. Nowadays, we can get different kinds of rabbit hutches at various pet shops and other online shopping stores. It’s a digital world so people highly want to use online shopping platform to buy any products including rabbit hutches and rabbit cages. We do not buy any low quality cages and hutches to grow the rabbits because they may hurt rabbits. A high quality rabbit hutch comes with warranty feature so users no need to worry about stability of product. The people should be very clear about buying a comfortable rabbit hutch otherwise we have to face many issues while growing beautiful rabbits. Make a proper clean in every day and keep the place hygienic to have a healthy life of your rabbit.

Can Chinchillas Live Outside?

Short-tailed and long-tailed chinchillas are very popular pet animals around the world. Many people wish to take care of the chinchilla like their baby. On the other hand, they get confused with different choices regarding the cages for the chinchillas and suggestions about how to keep the chinchilla in the outdoor environment. They have to understand and remember that pet chinchillas must be kept inside as these pet animals can withstand the high and low temperatures.  Any chinchilla may get an array of health problems when it exposed to hot or low temperatures. Though this animal has thick fur coats, this animal does not have any sweat gland like the human. A chinchilla cannot cool itself down in the hot temperature.

pet chinchillas must be kept inside

Different designs of chinchilla cages on online

Attractive designs of affordable yet the best chinchilla cages for sale in the pet shops these days encourage many people to prefer and buy one of these cages. You can pay attention to the complete details and real images of these cages right now. You will make a good decision about how to choose and order the chinchilla cage through online. Chinchillas are extremely intelligent, incredibly agile and fantastic pets. They have the best and soft fur.

Different designs of chinchilla cages on online

As an owner of the pet chinchilla, you have to select a suitable cage for it. There are some significant factors to consider before choosing the cage for chinchilla. Material is one of these factors. This is because the chinchilla has open rooted teeth and habits to chew on everything it can get his little paws on. This is advisable to buy a wire or any sort of other metal cage to make certain this animal is contained and would not ingest anything which could lead to problems to its delicate body.

High-quality and affordable chinchilla cages

Choosing the right size of the chinchilla cage is very important as this animal jumps and moves at all times. You can focus on the overall specifications of the best chinchilla cages in detail and find out whether the cage you like to buy at this time can be appropriate for your pet animal. In general, chinchillas can jump up to 6 feet in the upward direction in its single leap. You can pick and purchase the largest chinchilla cage after a comprehensive analysis of different things. This is advisable to prefer and order the chinchilla cage with the multiple levels to assist the chinchilla to mimic its natural instinctual behaviour in the best possible way.

High-quality and affordable chinchilla cages

Experts in the pet care sector these days keep up-to-date with the design and manufacturing of the best chinchilla cages on online. They focus on different things about how to appraise the real worth of buying the chinchilla cage. They recommend the multilevel chinchilla cages as these cages provide ample space for chinchillas. You can prefer and buy the chinchilla cage with stackable units so as to add extra stories later as per your requirements.  Chinchillas have a high level of physical and mental stimulation. You can invest in the best-in-class hideouts, chews, toys and other things designed to make chinchillas happy.  Do not forget to consider the room for essential accessories like a water bottle and food dishes.

Explore and narrow down chinchilla cages

Advanced designs of chinchilla cages these days include a stand or storage shelf designed to store supplies. These shelves are big enough to house toys, hay, treats and food items without complexity in any aspect. Many brands of chinchilla cages are available on the market at this time. You can read honest reviews of these chinchilla cages on online and make positive changes in your approach to pick and order the appropriate chinchilla cage. You can consider every feature of the chinchilla cage and pay attention to the best things to choose and buy the suitable cage. If you get any doubt related to any cage, then you must make clear such doubt before investing in the cage. You will get exceptional benefits when you focus on and follow the professional guidelines about how to choose and buy the chinchilla cage. You will be happy and confident to suggest the world-class nature of the affordable chinchilla cage to likeminded pet owners.

Is Your Cat Really Thirsty or is Something Going On?

Do you pay attention to how much water your pet cat consume? You should you know. Cats can develop many dangerous symptoms from not drinking enough water or drinking too much. These symptoms are not small like the common cold. They are dangerous and can lead to dead cats. Check all water bottles for cats that you have. See if the cat is drinking usual amount of water. Any sign that you see that show your cat is not drinking enough, is a big yellow flag and you should get your cat to drink more before it gets really bad.

When Is It a Problem

Is Your Cat Really Thirsty or is Something Going On?

Your cat not drinking the right amount of water is a problem, when you see it having unusual symptoms or changes in drink behavior. Its often difficult to measure the water amount if you have more then one cat or animal. But, you have to watch for the signs that are obvious. The first sign, your cat drinks too much or is not drinking enough. Look at how many times your cat goes to the water bowl or water bottles for cats that you purchased. If you see the cat drinking too much or not drinking from the bowl at all, there is a high chance the cat is having hydration issue. It could be infected from something it ate, or it could be refusing to eat. Both of which, are very bad to the cat’s health. The cat must consume the right amount of water. If you have a small feeling that your cat is drinking strangely, please look into it closer.

Another sign to look for when searching for cat hydration problems, is a large increase restroom use. Cats go to the litter box or appropriate section like normal animals. However, there are some cats that do it more then they should. Some cats even poop and pee on the floor all day. A cat that does not use rest room in a way that is not normal, is a cat that is most likely infected or experiencing dehydration issues. Be on the look out for your cat acting strange while using the rest room. A clear sign for cat hydration problem.

Cats are very good at hiding their hydration illness, so you won’t be able to know just from looking. When they experience dehydration changes, they make minor movements. The movements are very minor. The cat will also not complain to you about it until it gets really bad. Cats have a lot of pride and don’t want to admit they have a problem until its too late. Here are more things to consider cat hydration issues below.

Should You Call a Vet

The decision is mainly up to you, but you should call a vet if you see your cat is behaving in a sick manner. Your cat will get worse over time. The symptoms caused from hydration problems start out small. But, they get bigger over a couple days. If you notice your cat has been acting strange with water and with using the rest room, its safe to assume your cat needs to go to pet hospital. Take your pet to the local pet store to see a vet, before it gets too late.

How Can I Get My Pet Cat to Drink More

Getting your cat to drink more is easy most of the time. Your cat will not say anything to you when it needs more water. So, you got to trick your cat into drinking water unknowingly. Try feeding your cat some wet cat food. Try putting water bottles for cats all over your house. Try mixing tuna juice with water for your cat to consume. One of these methods, will try to persuade your cat to drink water. If none of these methods work, then you should contact your local pet store or veterinarian for assistance. Hopefully, the solution won’t cost a whole lot to cat hydration problem.


Last Thursday night, the dogs of Instagram (and the people who love them) gathered for a chic costumed fete in Longchamp’s Madison Avenue boutique, hosted by maison de pawZ.


The sold-out event was not only a celebration of the season (and maison de pawZ creator Mei-i’s delicious organic pup treats), but also a way to support a great cause. A silent auction with prizes befitting only the most fabulous pooches raised funds for The Humane Society of New York, who joined the event with several of their adoptable pups (including fan favorite Roger, looking dapper as always in his Mr. Big tuxedo).

As humans sipped wine and nibbled on snacks while admiring Longchamp’s latest collection, the gliteratti of the puppy world shared maison de pawZ treats and posed for photos with TheDogStyler.


At the end of the night, guests were given VIP gift bags to kick off their trick-or-treating in style!

The event was not only a rousing success for a great cause, but by far the most elegant way to begin Halloween-kend this author has ever personally witnessed!


This time of year, it’s always important to give thanks for all the wonderful puppies and people in your life. Over the weekend, we had even more to give thanks for at the Puppy Parties NYC “Pups and Pilgrims” bash at the Upper East Side Biscuits & Bath.


The event was hosted in part by PetPlate, a food delivery service for pups that has been getting a lot of buzz thanks to its vet approved, human grade menu. Think ground turkey, pumpkin, and peppers—even the humans in the room wanted a taste! After the pups had some time to let their mouths water, they were finally able to dig in…and the table full of clean plates proved the food tasted as delish as it looked!


After finishing the main course, it was time for dessert and pawty games. Daring pups could try their hand (or, snout) at bobbing for bones, or, if you were Holly, you could check out the centerpiece of frosted turkey treats on the nearby table, which she discovered were just in tongue’s reach!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Thanksgiving event without thinking about those pups who haven’t been as fortunate this year. Donations were collected for Social Tees, so more homeless pups could have a chance at a forever home for the holidays.


It’s no secret we love modern design, and we strongly believe that pet furniture should fit seamlessly with the rest of your home decor. So it’s no surprise that we love these minimalist dog homes from Kooldog. Available in 3 chic finishes to match the rest of your furniture, these sleek homes could be mistaken for modern end tables – though they hide cozy little areas for your pups to doze off in style. The cushions are made of a cutting-edge microfiber textile that delivers lasting protection against stains, moisture, bacteria and odors so it’s easy to clean and maintain. Plus there are also vent holes in the back to ensure maximum air flow and keep things cool! Shop Kooldog modern dog beds on Bitch New York.



As the Summer comes to a close, it seems everyone is scrambling to book that final warm-weather getaway to soak up the last rays of sun. But what do you do if you have a furry family member to factor in to your vacay plans? Luckily, Holly and I are seasoned travelers happy to impart our wisdom on how to have the paw-fect pet friendly vacation!

First and foremost, you have to know that the location you are travelling to has pet-friendly accommodations. Many hotel chains such as Lowesand Affinia are known for their pooch-friendly policies that include luxe hotel amenities for both you and your pup. Of course, renting an apartment or home or staying with a trusted friend or family member is also an option, and will provide that more “home away from home” feeling for your pup (bonus points if there’s also a yard).

It’s also important to consider any possible medical needs your pup might have while you are in a new location. Ask your vet if they recommend any shots based on the area you will be going to (particularly if it is heavily wooded and could have ticks), and if they can recommend a vet in the area you are visiting in case of an emergency. One of our adventures at my parents’ home in Colorado once ended at the emergency vet after Holly decided a sunflower stalk seemed like something that belonged in her nostril!


Before you go, check the mode of transportation you plan on taking for any travel rules and regulations regarding pets. Most airlines allow small dogs in the cabin, but some are stricter about weight limits and documentation than others. Although Amtrak does not currently allow dogs, they are working on a pilot program to allow small pets in carriers on short journeys. In the meantime, most regional railroads (such as the Long Island Rail Road and Metro North) do allow animals as long as they are in a bag.

Finally, with all this travel you’ll be doing, it’s smart to invest in a sturdy, airline-approved travel bag that can take you all over the world. Holly and I love her Sleepypod Air because it fits within airline regulations but can expand between takeoff and landing to allow for extra legroom. We also love our LazyBonezz Star Tote for shorter jaunts, since it’s easier to carry and super stylish!

Where have you visited with your pet? Do you have any tips for making travel easier?


Today we’re so excited to share with you the story behind one of our new favorite dog treat brands, Leela Ryan. These dog biscuits have the chicest packaging we’ve ever seen, and they’re Mochi taste-tested and approved! 

What inspired you to start Leela Ryan?

Simple luxuries inspire me. No fuss, just effortless ways to elevate the every day. Like a bouquet of peonies on your nightstand, cooking with a glass of wine and foreign music that transports you, lounging on the couch with your dog, or taking a luxury bag to the farmers’ market.

After I became a dog parent, I was frustrated when I couldn’t find the perfect dog treat that made me feel like it was a simple luxury. I wanted a healthy treat that also wouldn’t compete with my style and could even be a great gift. Eventually, I decided to create what I wanted to see.

I blended two worlds together. I made all-natural and organic healthy dog biscuit and packaged them in chic, feminine and fun bags creating something for both the owner and the dog. That way, you can feel equally excited to take out the bag as your dog will be to receive what’s inside. Plus, they smell great so you don’t have to worry about rushing to wash your hands immediately after giving a treat.

Essentially, what really inspired me was the love I had for my dog and my outlook on life.



How did you decide on your business name?

My husband named our dog Leela Ryan, which I thought was adorable. I absolutely adore my pup and when I decided to start a business inspired by my life with her, I thought it would be perfect to name the company Leela Ryan.

Tell us about your treats. What makes them different from other dog treats?

My treats are oat and fruit based. They are hand-made using only 3 organic and all-natural ingredients. There are no chemicals, no soy, no wheat, no preservatives. They are simple, healthy, and yummy.

Where can we find your treats?

We are currently sold online at and specialty dog boutiques in NYC, such as Zoomies.


What has been the most rewarding part about running your business?

The connection I’ve made with the people and dogs I’ve met has been the most rewarding. It makes it all worth it and I can continue to see all the ways I can bring value into their lives. That is very important to me.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for dog parents in NYC?

I think one of the best things to do is to plan to take your dog out of your neighborhood and explore the other parks, restaurants and specialty dog boutiques throughout the city. It’s so easy to stay where you know, but exploring can be so much fun for both you and your dog. You just may discover you new favorite whatever, or at least have a great story to tell.


We recently had the opportunity to try NYC’s newest pet food delivery service, PetPlate. As many of you know, Mochi is a picky eater and she only eats fresh food for meals – so we are excited to see the growth of options for high quality natural food in New York. Mochi devoured her PetPlate chicken meals and to be honest, they looked pretty yummy to my human eyes as well! We chatted with the PetPlate CEO Renaldo and find out more about what inspired him to start the company – read on to get the scoop and don’t miss the awesome giveaway at the end of the post!


I spent over a year doing manufacturing and supply chain consulting for leading pet food companies. I saw first hand what was going into the food, and thought that pet owners deserved higher quality ingredients for their pets.


I believe the number one benefit is knowing what you are feeding your pet. Just like us, I believe dogs are what they eat. If you look at commercial pet food companies many have been caught lying about what’s in their food, where their ingredients are sourced, and quality standards in their factories. We bypass that by only using natural ingredients and making all meals to order.

In addition, many people who have switched to homemade diets have solved weight, allergy, and digestive issues by switching over to a homemade diet. It’s great for picky eaters as well. 




I worked with veterinary nutritionists from California to develop all of the meals to ensure they are balanced and contain the right supplements. As for the ingredients we only use food you’d eat yourself, and we made sure to include gluten-free and grain-free options as well.

We want to vary ingredients seasonally, so we are now offering pumpkin based dishes in the fall.  (editor’s note: yum!)



PetPlate works just like other food subscription services. You visit our website and pick your subscription plan, your meals, and delivery day/time. We have a very flexible delivery schedule that allows for freshly cooked meals to be delivered. For example, you can choose Wednesday Night or Sunday Mornings – whatever works best for your schedule.

Another thing we are excited about is that all meals are made-to-order. Since we only take subscriptions we can effectively plan our schedule and deliver our meals 1-2 hours after being cooked.


I would say meeting other people. I try to do as many deliveries during the week as possible to chat with customers to get feedback on the product, and everyone has been extremely helpful and willing to chat. A few have invited me in, and I’ve gotten to learn about how they ended up with their furry best friend or have told me about their own businesses (often in the pet’s space). Its just a great community of people


Learn more about homemade diets. I think too often meal time is seen as a chore, but there are simple things you can do to not only make meal time an experience, but also improve the health of your pet!


If you haven’t tried PetPlate yet, the bitches say – give it a try! You can check out the subscription options and we’ve also partnered with PetPlate to giveaway 3 One Month Weekly Treat Plans (valued at $50 each)! Enter through the widget below – good luck!